Greek Gods

Was browsing Youtube and came across a grossly undersubscribed channel: Discovering Religion. It’s an attempt at exploring the evidence about reality and comparing with the Christian mythos, showing how creationists that take the Bible as literal are plainly wrong. You really should check it out.

However, I wanted to change things up for this blog post, because he also has a neat documentary (of unknown providence — kinda seems like something you’d have seen on PBS back in the day though),

I love Greek mythology. There’s something so much more epic about gods with human flaws that can be identified with, who have deeper and more complicated mythos than the monotheistic religions. Plus they make better strategy games — Age of Mythology is way, WAY better than Black And White.

Greek Gods
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2 thoughts on “Greek Gods

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    While I appreciate mythology for what it is, ultimately it is no better than the idiocy that modern-day theists believe and needs to be recognized as such. Why am I supposed to respect the silly things that ancient people believed when I recognize that modern people still believe in ridiculous nonsense. It just shows us how little mankind has changed for the better over the centuries.

    I yearn for a day when mythology simply doesn’t exist.

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    I don’t. I happen to like superhero comics and video games, and I enjoy deep, rich storytelling and complicated universes like that of Star Trek, and they’re just as much mythology. What I yearn for, is a day when people understand the difference between mythology and reality. When people don’t believe there are gods, or demons, or vampires, or ghosts, or angels, or unicorns or elves. That doesn’t mean they have to stop liking the stories.

    For instance. God of War, the video game, is about Greek mythology, only it tells all sorts of stories that were never in the original mythos. Kratos, the main character, didn’t exist back then — he’s a modern invention. Ares, the god of war, was never unseated by him. But the stories stand on their own, because they build on the mythologies of the past. But they’re still telling stories about the fabulous fantastic universes that were created back then, and people are perfectly capable of enjoying these stories for what they are now that they’re divorced from their religious connotations. I bet if someone saw some story about Kratos killing Ares back then, they might have considered it blasphemy.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not giving any special credence to what they believed, and I would hopefully have been just as atheist if I was brought up then rather than now. I just wish ALL mythology was understood and enjoyed as mythology, and yes, that includes the popular religious mythology today.

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