Best laid plans

I got diverted from my larger overarching work project yesterday, onto a different project with higher priority and far greater resource needs. Also, today, my boss is coming to visit for lunch, to discuss my role’s evolution in the company, and I hope to throw me a few bones considering how much work I’ve put in so soon after getting married. I’m angling for an iPhone. After seeing what Jodi’s is capable of, I’m actually quite bitter about how little oomph this Blackberry has when trying to perform otherwise simple tasks. That, and the phone has lost the ability to mousewheel-click accurately (the physical “click bladder” — not sure what its real name is — on the board is probably broken), and has lost the ability to detect when it’s in its holster. Also, yesterday, every time I answer a call it starts out in speakerphone mode for a second or so before reverting back to normal phone mode — just long enough to blow my eardrum when I put it to my head. All of this is hampering my ability to do anything useful with the blasted thing short of typing the occasional e-mail and cursing a blue streak when I can’t accurately hit send.

Anyway, I had been planning for the past week to finish off the rest of my atheism RCimT link fodder, but here we are, Tuesday, and I didn’t even post anything yesterday, much less a proper RCimT on Sunday. All my Too Many Tabs bars are bloated at the moment. I have a ton I’d love to talk about. At some point though, I’m going to have to cut my losses, realize the moment has passed and blog about the here-and-now again. I don’t know when that moment will be, but I suspect it’s soon.

Best laid plans

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    I sorta feel like that wolf meme on your atheist site — bite off more than you can chew, then chew it. It’ll get better. Hopefully, starting today. Thanks for the best wishes!

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