Canada is made of gold

Check it out — with the gold-medal win tonight in Men’s Hockey against USA, Canada has officially broken the world record for gold medals won at the Winter Olympics with 14.

The medal count, embedded from

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I was sadly unable to catch anything but the celebration immediately after the game-winning goal by Sidney Crosby. Stupid feed taking forever and a day to start loading. Probably has something to do with my using Moonlight, which seems to have a really hard time connecting to Silverlight feeds for some reason. Stupid Microsoft getting an exclusive deal to stream the Olympics in Silverlight, which is a stupid stupid attempt by Microsoft to supplant existing standards with their own yet again.

Anyway. Enough rant. Hooray for Canada!

So now that we’ve won all sorts of gold, d’you think Harper could reinstate the government, since he was so afraid of having political debates while the games were on that he decided to prorogue yet again?

Canada is made of gold

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