Tyson on abiogenesis

Please note that he does not talk about evolution *at all* until after life has formed. That’s because, as Neil de Grasse Tyson put it, abiogenesis is chemistry, not biology, and only becomes biology after the chain reaction starts. Yes, abiogenesis was once called chemical evolution (as chemicals do have a process by which they will become altered given certain specific catalysts), but just as stellar evolution is a wholly different use of the word evolution, so too is chemical evolution a total misuse of the word which means (and ONLY means) the process by which life has diversified over time.


An interesting addendum on the Miller experiments is that years later, when scientists figured out the initial conditions of life were much different than Miller anticipated, the experiment was redone with even better results, indicating that abiogenesis can occur in a variety of conditions. And the results from the original experiment were revisited fifty years later, and some totally brand new and wholly unexpected amino acids were discovered. Isn’t that fascinating? Don’t the implications boggle your mind?

Tyson on abiogenesis

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