Some more pictures

I uploaded Teri’s photos to Picasa. I’m also in the middle of processing some images from Shannon’s camera, and I have Sam’s video of the wedding that I still need to export and crunch, though because everyone decided to stand through the ceremony proper, you won’t really get to see all that much sadly. I understand there’s another video of the ceremony taken from halfway up the hall by one of Mark or Sara’s aunts, so hopefully there will be a better video coming.

Here’s some us-centric highlights from the stream I uploaded, but feel free to browse the rest if you’re interested in some of the “alternate shots” for each pose, or if you want to see Mark and Sara’s side of the double ceremony.

Some more pictures
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5 thoughts on “Some more pictures

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    I guess I shouldn’t complain overmuch, but you really would have been much cuter wearing a kilt as well…Well, as cuter as you can get anyways:)

    It looks like it was a wonderful time and I am sorry that I live so far away and had to miss out. I also apologize for not saying anything sooner, things have just been a bit crazy.


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    I still haven’t gotten around to posting at your place, so we’re even. Sadly, I’d feel wrong wearing a kilt, as I don’t have any appropriate heritage, my father being a Thibeault and my mother being a Doucet. It’s all French all the way back, even though my mother’s side was anglophone.

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