Wedding day

Today, we’re getting married. Tomorrow, I might post about it. There will be videos up as soon as possible. And yes, I scheduled this post in advance, because there’s no way I’d have time otherwise.

If you want to reminisce, start here. The original blog trail is also cached here.

Thanks, Stephanie, for your help in starting this ball rolling. Wish you could be here to see the wedding.

And Jodi: when you finally read this several days from now, this is just a reminder that I love you. (As though you need a reminder.)

Wedding day

15 thoughts on “Wedding day

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    Yay! I’ll be thinking of you guys! And I never replied because I wanted to keep the response card. That thing is BRILLIANT and I might have to copy it for mine…

  2. 13

    I hope that you both had a beautiful day! I love you two!

    I wish that I had more to contribute to your honeymoon fund. I figured that you could use a pitifully small amount of money more than you could use a Hallmark card, however. 🙂 So I went ahead and embarrassed myself. DuWayne and I wish you all joy and happiness.

  3. 15

    It all came together quite nicely. Congratulations, guys. Melissa has already decided that despite the delicious taste that the poisons have, we’re keeping them unopened.

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