How to use Traceroute… or is it?

I have absolutely no idea whether this guy is for real or not. I have to assume he is a troll, because nobody could possibly be this confident in his wrongness.

Anyway, you can make a game out of counting the ways he’s wrong. I just about lost it at “this is how many people are connected to Google”.

How to use Traceroute… or is it?
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3 thoughts on “How to use Traceroute… or is it?

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    tsk tsk jason… really… it’s like shooting fish in a barrel at this point… posting a 9 year old’s video to show how wrong he is… c’mon now… you can do better than this even if you are in wedding mode…I’d be ok with no posts.. but this is just causing more people to watch the video, giving it more hits, and encouraging the poor schmuck to make more videos… How long did Zdenny give you again???? 😛

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    You haven’t even seen the video where he teaches “the haters” how to get Limewire Pro without paying for it. It’s epic.

    I know, he’s pre-adolescent, but with a name like NextGenHacker101, seriously. I can’t help it. In my day, the kids were the ones that knew how to do everything with computers.

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