Wedding mode go!

I’m going to be in wedding mode for the next week. Work needs to be brought to a position where it can coast for the duration of my time off, and I’m going to be far too preoccupied with other stuff to blog regularly, so there’s a chance I won’t be able to post anything major for a while. I’m sure you won’t mind. I’ll do the standard Blog Cruise Control thing and link to various Youtube videos I find amusing or galling or what have you.

I hope to have videos of the wedding up on the 7th at the very latest, ripped from ReformedYankee’s camera and converted to something for public consumption, barring any unforeseen circumstances. There’s also a good chance @CyberLizard and @JSWadley will be live-tweeting the wedding proceedings. If we set up a picture feed I’ll of course link it here as soon as it’s ready to be used.

Kindly keep an eye on the intertubes for me in my absence, folks.

Wedding mode go!

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