I KNEW those things were evil!

Evidently children playing Pokémon games, trading Pokémon cards and watching Pokémon cartoons aren’t merely being entertained by mass-market pap that exploits obsessive-compulsive “collect ’em all” tendencies in children — they’re actually training themselves to harness demonic powers in real life.

It’s no wonder I’ve disliked the whole Pokémon phenomenon since it made its way across the Pacific to North America — not because they’re evil, but because I have a vested interest in reality staying the way it is, because supernatural phenomena, if they really exist, would put my worldview on its ear. (Not to mention that if something exists, then it is real, thus part of reality, thus natural.) Despite no supernatural phenomena having ever manifested in the entire history of the universe (e.g., every phenomenon has a natural explanation), the people that believe in deities are often the same people that believe in psychics, witchcraft, magic, astrology, and all manner of woo. Reality is reality, and I like it that way.

Do you have any idea what kind of twisted world view you must have, to be so wholly incapable of distinguishing the fictional world of Pokémon from reality? I mean, he even accuses children of having the same problem! The irony is palpable.

Hat tip to Everything Is Terrible.

(Whaai? Whaai??)

I KNEW those things were evil!

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