Our alternate wedding march?

We’re trying to decide what to play us up the aisle at our wedding, as the Wedding March is just too… I dunno, too traditional I guess. I have a few suggestions for alternatives (videos below the fold), but am looking to solicit some advice from the denizens of the intertubes.

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Pachelbel: Canon in D Major

Bach: Air on the G String

Bach: Double (Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor)

Williams: Imperial March

(What better way to seal the doom of you pitiful earthlings, seeded by our evil love and which is the inevitable outcome of our unholy matrimony, than power-marching up the aisle to this song, saying our vows then applying force-lightning liberally to everyone in the room? Mwahahaha — ahem. Sorry.)

Or, I guess, you could suggest something of your own in the comments.

Our alternate wedding march?
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22 thoughts on “Our alternate wedding march?

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    Not that Michelle would appreciate me giving away our wedding march, but what about something by Danny Elfman? We used music from Edward Scissorhands.

    He has lots of beautiful orchestration.

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    I will point out that if you’re looking for something truly different Pachabell’s Cannon is not the one to use. Nathan and I used it, and I honestly think it’s quite lovely. However, if it’s “different from everyone else” that you’re looking for then another choice would be wise. Otherwise, while I am admittedly a little biased towards this one, Pachabell gets my vote.

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    See, yeah, I really do like Canon in D, but you’re right — it’s the “traditional alternative”, if there’s such a thing. I voted for Concerto for Two Violins, but I do like Glendon’s idea of music from Edward Scissorhands… there’s some nice stuff there. Especially the Ice Dance (which I assume is the intended suggestion).

    As awesome funny as it would be to marry to the Imperial March, Mark and Sara are getting married at the same time, and they’ll be marching to the same thing, so it’s gotta pass muster not just with me and Jodi. And try as I might, Jodi ain’t feeling the Dark Side. So she’ll probably veto it no matter how many votes you give it. (But feel free to run up its total!)

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    I would suggest looking at some of your favourite movies and giving the music there some serious consideration. Nathan and I actually consiedered a song from “Muppet Treasure Island” for our wedding song. It’s called “Love Led us Here”. Unfortunately part of the song describes breaking up then getting back together, so it didn’t work for us. We did seriously consider it though. It would have been a very “us” thing to do.
    I would also not rule out any music that also has lyrics just because it’s not traditional to have lyrics. We used the Leonard Cohen “Halleujah” as our recession march. (If you read the lyrics it’s not as religous as it first sounds. I interpert it as a man singing the praises of his beloved and how, through her love and beauty, she has completley undone him. Then again, i’m a big sap.)
    Anyway, I’m totaly with Jodi about the Imperial March, funny though it is. My vote is still for Pachabell.

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    How about a cross between ‘traditional’ and ‘Imperial March’ i.e. Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FXoyr_FyFw I know not very procesiony, but one HELL of a piece of music! And heavy on the organs would fit in with the steampunk.

    Or you could give a nod to Richard Dawkins and go with the Triumphal March from Aida. Although since he wants it for his funeral, maybe not.

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    I had used Pachelbel in my second wedding. I don’t believe that correlation necessarily equals causation, but I am not married, any longer. Just sayin’. How about Pete Townsend’s “Let My Love Open the Door?” You could do a bit of a dance, rather than a march.

  7. 10

    Ohhh, unless it was sung by anyone but Kermit and Miss Piggy, no freaking way on the Love Led Us Here. I remember the song — sung while they’re hanging upside-down over a cliff. Miss Piggy’s voice has always grated on my nerves… and yes, I realize that’s the point of her voice to begin with.

    Toccata and Fugue in D Minor is, indeed, an excellent piece of music, but I don’t think I want anything associated primarily in recent memory with vampires and Keith Olbermann’s “Worst Person in the World” bit. I did jokingly suggest it last night to Jodi though!

    I like Triumphal March as a triumphant funeral procession song, but not so much for weddings… seems a bit too marchy. We’d be up the aisle too fast I think.

    Let My Love Open the Door should have some part in the wedding proceedings — maybe as one of the background music pieces we use to fill the gaps when SWIG isn’t playing? Will have to confer with the other couple… who make up 2/3 of SWIG. 🙂

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    I walked down the aisle to Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” since it’s one of our favorite songs and when we were married in Vegas legally several months before our family/friend wedding we saw Keane in concert at the House of Blues. We just wanted to have fun–it’s your day, to hell with old relatives who think every wedding should be a clone of the one before.

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    We’re both big fans of classical music, mostly violins and piano, but orchestra as well. I realize that puts us in the ‘traditional’ camp, but that’s ok with me 🙂 I just don’t want the ‘bridal march’ or anything with organs as they make me think of churches and catholic priests.

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    How about something played by Glenn Gould on piano, great Canadian that he is!

    Or something by Dmitri Shostakovich, great atheist composer.


    But what the hell do I know, I got married in Vegas at the same chapel as Dennis Rodman and Carmen Elektra, with the chapel receptionist as the witness, who watched through a partition, because she wasn’t allowed to leave the phones. Divorce now in progress, har har.

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    Hmm, I have no idea what happened to the post I put up a couple of days ago, but I was a little drunk at the time and probably screwed it up somehow.

    Anyways, at our wedding my wife’s bridesmaids came down the aisle to the orchestrated version of “Aerith’s Theme” from FFVII. My wife walked to me accompanied by the standard Pachelbel Canon in D. At our reception we entered the room to the Imperial March, and when we shared the first taste of our wedding cake, Weird Al’s “Eat It” was playing.

    Don’t worry: to counteract all that nerdiness and inject some mundane Canadiana, we hung our favorite hockey teams’ jerseys over the entrance to the reception hall. (For the record, they are the Edmonton Oilers and the New Jersey Devils.)

  12. 21

    Well, to totally monkey-wrench the whole concept, we’re coming up the aisle together. However, I’m thinking we’ll end up doing a lot of this music as the filler between the guests filing in, and between the wedding proper and SWIG’s playing. Since we’re holding the wedding and the reception all in the same place, with no break in between to go from point A to point B, we’ll need a lot of background music to fill the lulls.

    We’re still no further ahead on picking music for the processional, all told. We need to set up a meeting between the four of us and hammer out what we’re doing once and for all — and some of us will probably have to compromise. In a worst-case scenario, Canon in D might end up getting the nod as the “fallback choice”.

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    totally late on this one, but wanted to share that we had the imperial march as our wedding entrance :O) and cannon in D for my walk down the aisle, played by my sister on piano 🙂

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