The Day After Evolution Day

Being caught up in my own travails yesterday, I neglected to post as I had intended even the shortest of linking posts pointing you to other blogospheroidic luminaries on the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. It’s okay though, Greg Laden picked up the slack and linked a ton of stuff. I know most of my readers also read him, so it’s all good.

I’ll throw in a few extra links now, though. Here’s children explaining evolution, a feat we’d never managed to get our favorite now-banned troll to do.

A rare first-edition of Origin of Species was found on a bathroom bookshelf, because it makes for nice light toilet reading. Thankfully it wasn’t a fundie’s bathroom, so none of the pages were… repurposed.

And finally, Darwin goes digital — his life’s works are now online. Origin of Species has been online for quite some time as well, in case you haven’t read it. Not that you need to, to develop a good understanding of evolution — it’s just oftentimes surprising how close to the mark Darwin was, even without the benefit of knowledge of genetics or the fossil record.

The Day After Evolution Day

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    Some of those kids really knew their stuff! I wish I was half as bright as they were at that age … or when I was a teenager for that matter.

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