Gender and the labeling problem

As I’ve commented on DuWayne Brayton’s most recent blog entry, it would probably be pretty uncouth of me to call him “da man” for putting together such a wonderful examination of the pitfalls inherent in gender labeling. Nonetheless, I feel the need to point you to his post.

While the choices I have made in life have certainly influenced who and what I am, I did not choose to have characteristically ambiguous gender traits. I didn’t choose to have a general sexual preference for women. I didn’t choose to empathize the way I do, listen the way I do, brute my way through discomfort the way I do or take on most of the myriad traits, or labels that make DuWayne Brayton, DuWayne Brayton. I am the sum of my genetics, environment and to some degree the choices I have made.

So are every one of us. Every fucking one.

Go read Gender Binaries, Trinaries and the problem of labels…

Gender and the labeling problem