Our child

Meet Ginger, our ten and a half year old Nova Scotia duck toller / border collie cross. She’s very intelligent, which makes for problems when we have to leave the house outside of our normal routine — it upsets her to the point where things get eaten and/or chewed.

Taken with our Kodak EasyShare Z8612IS, shortly after I’d gotten it earlier this summer. Jodi only just figured out how to copy from the internal memory to the external, to pull the file off the camera where it was giving locking errors whenever we plugged it in.

Our child

9 thoughts on “Our child

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    Thanks 🙂 She’s my baby. Sometimes I think she’s starting to feel her age, but she always surprises me the next day and seems like a puppy all over again. I think she might live forever <3

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    We have similar issues with leaving the house, and since I’ve been unemployed it’s only gotten worse. Oakley doesn’t chew stuff (much) anymore, but he gets very nervous when we both leave and walks in circles in the kitchen for a bit. It’s sad, my poor little man 🙁

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    I know what you mean, when I was home all the time it was definitely worse. When I finish work for the winter again I’m going to have to make a habit of leaving the house regularly so Ginger doesn’t get used to having me around all the time again.

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    such a cute puppy! my cats do something similar, espically since i’ve been off work, they don’t like being left alone anymore. Penny, the younger one, will follow me all over the house. If I watch TV he comes into the living room, if i’m on the computer he follows me to the den. He even follows me to the bathroom and meows when I won’t let him in.

    By the way. Nathan and I have that same black and grey rug 🙂

  5. 8

    Haha, I got that rug off of Ian, he had loaned Krista and I that one when we were together, and he eventually said to keep it after Krista spilled cream soda on it and the cats vomited on it a few times. I wonder why!

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