We know the Origin of Species

… but what’s the Origin of Stupidity?

Ray “Bananaman” Comfort and That-Other-Guy-You-Know-The-One-From-Growing-Pains, have teamed up once more to put together a 150th Anniversary edition of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. They did so in order to include a 54-page “rebuttal” to smear Darwin as being Hitler’s BFF, and a racist and misogynist, as though even if any of that were true, it would somehow lessen the impact that his work had on the course of scientific research. Their initial attempt at this intro was so horrid that after the hue and cry about how many inaccuracies there were about Darwin’s history, Comfort rewrote it. Their initial attempt at their edition of the original work, as well, excluded Charlie’s original intro and chapters 11, 12 and 13, three of the probably strongest chapters with regard to evidence for Darwin’s original form of the now-much-evolved (heh) theory of evolution. Again, after much excoriation by historians, science-buffs, atheists, and anti-idiots, Comfort had the printing press reduce the font significantly and reproduced the Origin in its entirety.

Not only are they giving away the book for free at university campuses (where, it seems, the only people taking it are people that “believe” in evolution to begin with), but they’re also giving away the intro at their own website. That, coupled with the Full Charlie over at Talk Origins, means those of us that aren’t near one of the chosen universities can get in on the facepalm fun of ripping apart Comfort’s illogic and then cleanse the palate with Darwin’s original work too. We just don’t get to do it with a physical book, sadly.

As soon as I’m back in fighting form, expect a rebuttal to the Origin of Bananaman intro.

We know the Origin of Species

2 thoughts on “We know the Origin of Species

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    I don’t know if you’re aware, but apparently Living Waters Ministry yanked RayRay’s introduction from their website. Perhaps it was even too embarrassing for them? (I doubt it)

    Sorry I don’t have a link.

  2. 2

    Unfortunately, yes. It was pulled the day after I linked it. If I was smart enough I would have downloaded a copy when I linked it so I could properly tear it apart like I promised, but I guess I am not. Asked around on Twitter, someone had the really old version but not the newer one. Don’t suppose any of my dear readers have a copy?

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