Jason of the Dead

It turns out I’m a reasonable facsimile of Simon Pegg, once you lose the British accent, blonde hair, sense of humor, acting talent, and money. Please note the fake blood needs re-applying. Oh well. Still pretty damn good, even if the blood looks like Kool-Aid.

I have some red on me

Rocking the apple-eating contest thing

Tomorrow we have to clean the house (well overdue), get groceries, and prepare for the Hallowe’en party at Mark and Sara’s, where a running theme is, every costume involves duct tape. Tonight, maybe some wine and some bed.

Jason of the Dead
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    Got a crapload of pictures. And a video of Jodi’s Duct Tape Ninja Monkey facing off against Samo as Duct Tape Blood-Elf Paladin. Including my duct tape cricket bat, Ian’s duct tape zen-master bead necklace, and Sara’s duct tape “ear communicator” for her Star Trek costume, the theme went quite well, with the only abstainee (Mark) substituting latex for his costume bits. Not sure if that video will make Youtube or not, but if so, it’ll be posted. Will upload a few pictures momentarily.

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    You would have loved the costumes at my annual halloween bash. We had a Dr. Horrible (Complete with Freeze Ray), a Jack of Clubs (from Alice in Wonderland) a Drow, Bellatrix LeStrange, and Myself and the hubby as Mrs. Lovett and Sweeny Todd. Folks really did an awesome job on their costumes. I even had meat pies with fake fingers in them to go with the Sweeny Todd theme.

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