Inventing the end of the world

So the last Rapture date has come and gone (October 21, to those of you who were wholly unaware), the crazy Rapture-calculating website that’s been wrong twice in the past two months has apparently been moving the goalposts like this for over a year now. It makes one definitive claim that we should remember though:

God is very exacting in keeping His appointments.

Maybe. If there is such a thing as Yahweh. And if such a deity would bother to tell humankind what his appointments are to begin with, which evidently he did not as nobody’s gotten it right yet. If such a deity doesn’t exist, then it’s just a bunch of human beings making shit up over and over again for the nearly two thousand years since the original predictions were made in Revelations (which were by the way supposed to occur during the lifespan of the people who originally wrote it!). At what point do Christians just give up and admit they’re wrong about this whole thing? How many times do they get to pull random dates out of their asses and have no repercussions for fooling credulous people into doing incredibly destructive things thinking they’re on some deadline that’s actually demonstrably invented from whole cloth?


And what does it say about the “religion of love and hope” that it not only looks forward to Armageddon, it prophesies it over and over and bloody over again? And they wonder why we call it a death cult…

Inventing the end of the world

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