SCO to Darl: “You’re FIRED!”

Ars Technica reports a bit of news for which I cannot but help a measure of schadenfreude: Darl McBride, architect of the “sue Linux” strategy that’s put SCO in the crapper and destroyed its international reputation, has been ousted as CEO. And yet, the zombie shambles ever onward, continuing the present litigations even though they’ve reorganized half a dozen times already and still haven’t managed to settle all their debts or close all their outstanding grievances.

Even after SCO’s deception was exposed and the company effectively lost its case, Darl McBride continued to insist that the company has evidence of System V code in Linux. No such evidence has been presented and McBride’s argument directly contradicts testimony given by other SCO executives. McBride’s stubborn detachment from reality has made him a subject of ridicule in the Linux community.

The SEC filing indicates that SCO COO Jeff Hunsaker and CFO Ken Nielsen will assume the responsibility of managing SCO in collaboration with the trustee. The company does not intend to name a new CEO. Additional details of the restructuring plan are said to be forthcoming, but the company says that it has undertaken several cost-cutting measures including a “a modest reduction in SCO’s workforce” and the sale of additional assets.

In a statement issued by SCO’s new leadership, the company indicates that it plans to continue its litigation efforts and will move forward with the appeals process. The company also says that it plans to continue supporting its UNIX products. This potentially indicates that SCO has given up on trying to unload its UnixWare assets, a plan that has fallen through several times now as various proposed deals have evaporated.

PJ at Groklaw will have to hold off on putting on her red dress a little while longer.

SCO to Darl: “You’re FIRED!”

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