Follow-ups to the recent terrorist incursion

(Or: Asshats Versus Science-and-the-Human-Race)

Speaking of Research has picked up the story that DuWayne and I started two days ago by daring to blog (and then posting a follow-up) about the pro-testing petition and the radical animal-rights terrorists trying to stir up an atmosphere of fear by harassing its signatories and making overtures of torture, bombings and other acts of terrorism. You may also want to read about our current Rogues Gallery, as forewarned is forearmed.

Also, a number of the good folks over at Scienceblogs including SciCurious, Coturnix, and DrugMonkey have been supportive with personal e-mails, blog posts and re-tweets.

Thank you, folks. It is appreciated!

Follow-ups to the recent terrorist incursion

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