Patrick Stewart on domestic violence

Jodi tweeted this video earlier today. Definitely worth a watch.

Hey, does anyone mind that I’ve been coasting lately by posting lots of Youtube videos? If so, say so. I’ll try to come up with other ways to coast while I’m less able to post real, original content. Like lifey updates and such. Maybe I’ll talk about my cats. You know, like people are supposed to do on their blogs.

Patrick Stewart on domestic violence

Medical advice from the intertubes!

Jodi has been feeling under the weather for the past two days — seems somehow or another, she’s picked up a nasty cold. I’m the usual transmitter of illnesses to our household, being that I work in a rather large office environment with, on average, eighty people present on any given day. My workplace is therefore a rather large illness incubation vector. However, I have as yet to develop any symptoms myself, outside the lingering could-be-seasonal-allergies I’ve had for the past two months. Well, aside from a throat tickle that, I swear, *just* started, and I’m hoping is psychosomatic.

It might therefore have been transmitted somehow else, considering Opal is apparently not feeling all that healthy herself today. She and Jen have been out of the house occasionally, but as far as I know, human contact has been relatively limited and honestly, we’ve been cooping ourselves up lately (Jodi and I in our office, they in their room), so I don’t know how we could have transmitted anything to one another. Who knows? Bacteria and viruses are nasty little bits of self-replicating life, and if anything has dominion over this planet, it’s them, not us.

I’ve always used Vicks Vapo-rub for colds — a greasy eucalyptus and camphor salve that’ll fill a room with menthol smell so thick you have to get a running start to get through the door. I don’t know how effective the stuff is empirically, but the powerful smell does open your nasal passages. Likewise, I’ve never known why they suggest you directly apply it to your chest, neck or shoulders, if its primary action is to assault your sinuses. We had a small jar of it left from my last cold, and Jodi asked to make use of it, so I got it out for her — and after she’d applied it, she saw that it expired September 2008. Jodi’s the type to throw stuff out the day after it’s expired, regardless of whether it even makes sense for the product in question to have an expiry date at all, whereas I’m the type to check to see if something still looks and smells okay, and have been known to eat things well past their expiration date, with no major ill effects… so far. This might turn out to be a selection criterion and I might succumb to the harsh reality of natural selection, keeping my willing-to-eat-anything genes from propagating beyond myself.

Anyway, to assuage her fears, I Googled “vicks expiration” and the following page came up on Yahoo Answers:

Using expired (year 1996) Vicks Vaporub?

According to the obviously-not-doctors answering this, as long as there’s no rash resultant from it, it’s probably still fine. What do you guys think?

Medical advice from the intertubes!

RCimT: Teabagging the health care debate

Some goings-on in the US health care debate and political beanbag tournament surrounding it.

A Fox News producer was caught directing 9-12 crowds, but it’s a grassroots effort, honest. Never mind that it was conceived by Glenn Beck, paid for by Rupert Murdoch and directed by Fox News producers, it’s TOTALLY legit.

Speaking of Beck, while advertisers are leaving him in droves, he has at least one friend in the media, who makes the straight-faced claim that the 60 advertisers he’s lost pales in comparison with the millions of companies that exist. Never mind that 60 is the vast majority of his advertisers to begin with. Said author also finds himself in a hole, and as the link above shows, doesn’t know to stop digging. Hilarity!

The e-mail forward A Day in the Life of Joe Sixpack has gotten around the intertubes quite a few times already. Sure, it’s no “Obamma is a secrit mooslem”, but you could always improve it by adding “Commie Medicine” to the list. Ten years from now perhaps teabaggers will scream “keep government’s hands off my Medicare Public Option!

Anderson Cooper invites on a racist teabagger for the second time, and is quite civil with him despite him being demonstrably racist on both occasions.

Life expectancy vs health care costs per capita – not surprisingly, USA comes up both lowest life expectancy, and highest health care cost.

Joe “I Lie!!” Wilson voted yes on a bill that included a provision for illegal immigrants to gain access to health care. Never mind that his current whipping post explicitly denies illegal immigrants in plain English, this makes him not only a douchebag but also a hypocrite.

Dennis Kucinich managed to make the big insurance execs admit that withholding care for cancer patients could result in irreparable harm or death. Video:

And finally, check out documentary evidence (hey, if Creationists think The Flintstones is a documentary, so’s this) that Obama is Hitler reincarnated ZOMG!!

You already know this is all ridiculous. Get out there and do something about it! If the retards can get airtime, surely you reasonable folks can get some airtime as well!

RCimT: Teabagging the health care debate

Happy birthday Jennifer!

Minions, you are commanded to wish my sister a happy birthday immediately. She is 27 years old, in case you want to send spankings.


Happy birthday, sister of mine!

Update: Jodi just provided me with a picture of the real cake, from the party we had yesterday. (We had cake, and KFC, and our grandmother and uncle John, and our two cousins and their boyfriends, came along. We had everything but noisemakers and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey!)


Note the very shaky handwriting. I think I scared the bakery lady or something!

Happy birthday Jennifer!