(Fair warning: N-bombs and other such not-safe-for-work-without-earphones ridiculousness)

The pride of the South expounds upon the “gayness” of your President, over the banning of flavored chaw. A few questions are brought to mind immediately: Is that a carton of eggs on his stove? How drunk is this guy? Do these people really exist? Is he a parody? He MUST be. Please tell me he’s a parody.

“If I waz preziden’, I’d make everything legal. Evvverrrthang.”

Hat tip to Randall Milholland of Something*Positive.




Glenn Beck won’t stand behind his own statements

And yet, neither will he explain them, or disown them.

“What is White Culture? I don’t know how to answer that, that isn’t a trap.”

You insipid asshole. You can’t even own up to the inherent racism of your statement, and the only answers you have to the question, are “traps”, because THE STATEMENT IS RACIST. Period. Own it. You’re saying Obama’s racist by having a hatred of White Culture? Prove it, back it up, and if someone points out you’re racist for having done it, then own that too — it IS possible to have a point and be a racist simultaneously, but right now, all you’ve got going for you is the racism part. What kind of person are you anyway?

Glenny-boy hasn’t even denied having raped and murdered a young girl ten years ago, how can we ever expect him to own up to something we have lots of evidence of him having said?

Hat tip to Jim Gardner at How Good is That.

Glenn Beck won’t stand behind his own statements

RCimT: Sex Lists

I’m not sure why there’s such synchronicity over the past few days with regard to sex lists suddenly popping up in my tabs via Twitter links and such, but I’ll take it as a sign from some divine power that I should make a blog post about sex lists!

First up: the 50 Greatest Cinematic Sex Scenes. I can’t agree or disagree with much of this list, as I haven’t watched nearly enough of them, but it’s put a few movies on my “to watch” list at least.

Here’s a brilliant little list of ten simple ways to prevent sexual assault. I can’t argue with the reasoning, either. If people would follow these ten rules, rape just wouldn’t happen, period.

I’m not much for Ayn Rand (no duh, you say collectively), but this list of 25 inappropriate things for an Objectivist to say during sex made me laugh heartily. For instance: “You selfish bitch! You greedy, selfish bitch! What? You don’t like my pillow talk?”

Then, there’s a list comprised of a whole ton of ways to have sex. What’s that? Not interested in gnawing off your own penis like a banana slug? Well, don’t worry, that list is just ways to have sex if you’re a member of a different animal species. Instead, you might like this other list of ways to have sex if you’re a human.

Happy Friday Fuck-day everyone! (Or Saturday Sex-day, or Wednesday Hump-Day, or whenever you read this.)

RCimT: Sex Lists

The Hermit on Kirk Cameron

“We must now say the evangelical faithful are guilty of the ongoing, systemic and criminally negligent homicide of the species.” Oh, them’s fighting words. And that’s in the first minute! Just wait til he gets to examining the Bible the way that fundies examine Darwin’s personal flaws through the words of his text.

“What would the Inquisition have looked like… if we had nukes then?” Good question. Certainly nothing like being made to sit in the comfy chair or being poked by the fluffy pillow.

Massive hat-doffing to Julie at Attempts at Rational Behavior. And to The Hermit, naturally.

The Hermit on Kirk Cameron

“Canadian Health Care, Even With Queues, Bests U.S.”

Well don’t that beat all.

“There is an image of Canadians flooding across the border to get care,” said Donald Berwick, a Harvard University health- policy specialist and pediatrician who heads the Boston-based nonprofit Institute for Healthcare Improvement. “That’s just not the case. The public in Canada is far more satisfied with the system than they are in the U.S. and health care is at least as good, with much more contained costs.”

Canadians live two to three years longer than Americans and are as likely to survive heart attacks, childhood leukemia, and breast and cervical cancer, according to the OECD, the Paris- based coalition of 30 industrialized nations.

Deaths considered preventable through health care are less frequent in Canada than in the U.S., according to a January 2008 report in the journal Health Affairs. In the study by British researchers, Canada placed sixth among 19 countries surveyed, with 77 deaths for every 100,000 people. That compared with the last-place finish of the U.S., with 110 deaths.

We Canucks already knew that. Instead of spending three times as much money on half as much health care, we’ve implemented a Single Payer plan that preserves our ability to choose our doctors, ensures everyone (or very nearly everyone) is insured, provides equal health care to the US’ “shining example”, and nobody’s profiteering off people’s deaths like hideous ghouls.

“Canadian Health Care, Even With Queues, Bests U.S.”

Real-life griefing

I’m going to tell a pretty geeky story, but it has a point, I swear.

A few weeks ago, in World of Warcraft, Jodi and I were at about level 18 or so, and were questing in one of the newbie areas’ hub cities, The Crossroads. In WoW, a city is basically just an area to work on your crafting skills, sell your vendor-junk, pick up and turn in quests. It also provides a flight path to the bigger cities on the Horde side, for which you have to talk to a Flight Master character.

The Crossroads, despite (or probably because of) being a newbie area in a fully-Horde-controlled area, finds itself regularly under attack by Alliance-side players. Luckily, opposing faction players can only attack you if you have your Player-vs-Player flag turned on, which can either be turned on manually, or gets turned on by attacking city guards or choosing to attack opposing faction characters who themselves have their PvP flag enabled. Once the flag is turned on, it can’t be disabled for a while, so you’ll have to commit to either guerrilla tactics or returning to safety after a successful attack, lest you get counterattacked while you’re running about in the opposing faction’s city looking for things to kill (an action known as griefing — making life miserable for the people using that city). Since we had not turned our flags on (and had no intention of doing so), the several high-level Alliance players who were engaged in killing everything that moved, could not also attack us. They DID, however, kill the Flight Master we needed to talk to in order to fly to a different zone, and while we were sitting around waiting for it to respawn, they could also repeatedly challenge us to duels.

Duels are fights that don’t give you honor, and that don’t result in death, as the loser “begs off” as soon as their hit points run out. There’s nothing done to even the playing field between characters, so we would have been basically one-hit killed. All you win is bragging rights and another notch on your belt and a one-digit increment in your “duels won” statistic. When we both declined the kind offers of a duel — not willing to let them add injury to the insult of making us wait ten minutes for our flight master to respawn — they used in-game emotes (as opposing-side characters don’t speak the same language, emotes are the only way to communicate), in order to spit on us both and call us chickens. Then offer to duel again.

Seriously. They would have wiped us in a single hit, and they expected us to submit to this behaviour.

So we called in our guildmate who has a level-80 (max level at the moment) character, who came to the Crossroads and killed the pair summarily. Hilariously, she arrived only moments after they spat on us. Once they realized a level-80 paladin was standing behind them they started running. They didn’t make it very far before they fell over. Jodi and I used the /lol emote — which, naturally, makes your character actually laugh audibly. I also threw in a rude gesture.

I only hope they heard it before they “released” — that is, allowed themselves to respawn in a graveyard — and I only hope they understood what kinds of dicks they were being… though I doubt they cared. Fine, if you want to kill the flight master, he’s just an NPC in the area as well, and I see no real reason to be angry about it since I plan on doing likewise to the Alliance when I’m a high enough level. But to treat the newbies, who are actual humans, the way these jerks did? Nope. I’m above that. We even assisted an Alliance member who was in a tough fight with some monsters later that week.

DanJ tells a similar story, only he also ties it into the ridiculous antisocial politics of the Teabaggers. The parallels between WoW / other MMO griefers and the Teabaggers are honestly quite uncanny. While insurance companies are presently in the business of taking your money and refusing to provide you with service in turn, and entrenched interests are busy griefing town halls and such, preventing actual debate from ever happening, people on the blogosphere are also busy sowing misinformation, insulting the proponents of health care reform, intentionally misunderstanding the bill and economics in general and whole political systems, and generally being asshats to boot. The question is, what do they honestly get out of intentionally increasing other people’s misery?

Real-life griefing