RCimT: Godless LOLs

Some more godless LOLs to carry you through this day of piety toward imaginary creatures.

The Rapture was supposed to happen this past Monday, according to a crack Christian mathematician. Surprisingly, it didn’t.

Eddie Izzard did a great routine on the absurdity of the Great Flood story that’ll leave you in stitches. Especially when he tries to do his evil dog impression and ends up doing the same thing as his evil giraffe.

A comic about the intelligent design movement involving what doors are opened by the claim of “just a theory”.

Do you suffer from long short term memory loss? Jesus doesn’t remember.

In case you’ve never been there, check out The Brick Testament — a faithful retelling of the Bible using LEGO minifigs. And lots of blood tiles. LOTS of blood tiles.

Happy Sunday!

RCimT: Godless LOLs

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