Glenn Beck won’t stand behind his own statements

And yet, neither will he explain them, or disown them.

“What is White Culture? I don’t know how to answer that, that isn’t a trap.”

You insipid asshole. You can’t even own up to the inherent racism of your statement, and the only answers you have to the question, are “traps”, because THE STATEMENT IS RACIST. Period. Own it. You’re saying Obama’s racist by having a hatred of White Culture? Prove it, back it up, and if someone points out you’re racist for having done it, then own that too — it IS possible to have a point and be a racist simultaneously, but right now, all you’ve got going for you is the racism part. What kind of person are you anyway?

Glenny-boy hasn’t even denied having raped and murdered a young girl ten years ago, how can we ever expect him to own up to something we have lots of evidence of him having said?

Hat tip to Jim Gardner at How Good is That.

Glenn Beck won’t stand behind his own statements
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4 thoughts on “Glenn Beck won’t stand behind his own statements

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    Agreed. Bleeding sponsors left and right, yet the conservative fucknuts are circling the wagons in some misguided effort to keep him from circling the drain. Ten to one he goes after an easy scapegoat next, like atheism, since he’s doing so poorly with the racist dog-whistles.

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    I know, right? All he’d have to do is come out and deny it, and a lot of questions would be cleared up! Not ALL of them, mind you… but it really makes you wonder why he wouldn’t just come out and say he’s innocent of these charges! I mean, is he hiding something?

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