The Hermit on Kirk Cameron

“We must now say the evangelical faithful are guilty of the ongoing, systemic and criminally negligent homicide of the species.” Oh, them’s fighting words. And that’s in the first minute! Just wait til he gets to examining the Bible the way that fundies examine Darwin’s personal flaws through the words of his text.

“What would the Inquisition have looked like… if we had nukes then?” Good question. Certainly nothing like being made to sit in the comfy chair or being poked by the fluffy pillow.

Massive hat-doffing to Julie at Attempts at Rational Behavior. And to The Hermit, naturally.

The Hermit on Kirk Cameron
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2 thoughts on “The Hermit on Kirk Cameron

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    I’m not even going to bother commenting at zdenny’s blog, where he linked to this post with one of his own, called “Threats From Atheists” from 26 September. His mind is way too filled with jeebus to have room for a rational thought.

    At any rate, it’s amazing how much he gets blatantly wrong so much of the time.

    He’s got another post from 1 October (If I can ever read it. The CSS is problematic there, Denny. Please have a look at that, or have a professional look at it.) called “Atheist Love Me” that is so full of shit to be beyond belief. I’m guessing the title was meant to say ‘atheists’ instead of ‘atheist’. Pretty shoddy QC there, Denny.

    It’s like a car wreck with bloody body parts strewn across the highway. You really don’t want to look at it, but your eyes are still drawn to the utter horror of it.

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    Yeah, I mentioned it in my Blasphemy Day post, but it seems he’s only just figured out how to configure his WordPress for pingbacks now.

    What gets me is the number of one-shot, never-seen-again “wow you’re so awesome also Jesus rocks” type posts he gets. Makes me wonder about their legitimacy.

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