Happy Birthday Stephanie!

I capitalized the B just for you.

Stephanie Zvan of Almost Diamonds (AKA Our Lady of Perpetual Win) celebrates another lap around the sun today. She posted a new story entitled Fighting the Frost, which is sure to sap my productivity for the next hour or so while I try to read chunks of it in between doing actual work. Join me in reading it, and in wishing her a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Stephanie!
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13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Stephanie!

  1. 2

    Normally I’m a comma minimalist. I will occasionally go back over my work and insert commas willy-nilly though, so the next time you see a stray spare, assume it was merely, misplaced from this title.

  2. 3

    It’s ok Jason, I use enough commas, to make up for your deficiencies… I am really, just rather fond, of excessive punctuation, in general… Personally, I think that everyone should punctuate, more often!!!

    Happy, Birthday, Stephanie!!! (there, I made up for the one missing – and some)

  3. 6

    It’s true, I just got home from work when I posted that. In fact I still haven’t read it yet. Mmmmm psychic cake……. nommmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. 7

    The real cake is coming soon, and it will be carrot cake, not that yellow stuff. Nobody real likes that. 🙂 The fictional cake, of course, was inspired by the occasion. Or at least the posting of it was.

  5. 8

    Carrot cake rocks. Especially with cream cheese icing.

    Yellow stuff? Wait, you’re not talking about pound cake are you? Because if so, I’m going to have to declare heresy.

  6. 9

    You read the story. I promise, you don’t get pound cake from a box. Of course, I’m not that fond of pound cake, either, but that’s mostly because I can taste the eggs. That’s just not what cake is supposed to taste like.

  7. 10

    Right. Sorry. Our office’s monthly birthday cake is one of those gigantic store-bought pound cakes. For some reason the explicit “yellow cake” mention slipped my mind. Maybe because, yeah, nobody eats that crap.

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