A conversation with a Scientologist

Presented without comment, because, frankly, Scientology is fucking scary — way more frightening to dare say something against it than, say, Christianity, which by comparison is a congenial houseguest. At least Christians won’t go out of their way to make you “fair game” for spurious lawsuits, harassment, and widespread slander.

A conversation with a Scientologist

2 thoughts on “A conversation with a Scientologist

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    Like all other religious folks, the foot soldiers are sheep, being fleeced, and that’s all. The people on top though (e.g. the ones that would come after you and sue you into the ground) — they disgust me. Especially if they know and recognize Hubbard as a sci-fi author with schizoid tendencies as documentation apparently shows, and not as the prophet they make him out to be, and are just in it out of cynicism.

    I empathize with Anonymous for this reason. I can understand completely why they’d hide their identities during protests.

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