Let’s produce a special version of the Bible!

You know, with 50 pages of foreword explaining how utterly insipid, morally bankrupt, and fact-free the Bible actually is. Let’s see how long it takes before someone comes along and says “hey, you can’t do that to our holy book” and threatens us with death (or even actually carries out such a threat).

The funny thing is, we’re obviously annoyed with a “special edition” of Origin of Species and giving them away to schools in order to slip their pernicious lies into the classroom. However, because those of us who are either atheist or scientists do not believe in Species’ “inerrant word of Darwin” nor do we revere Darwin as some kind of figurehead, nobody really cares all that much except maybe to spread the word that Banana Man and His Buttmonkey are trying to pull such a stunt — to get out ahead of their stupid scheme.

ZOMGItsCriss on the topic:

Let’s produce a special version of the Bible!

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