Made using Mario Paint Composer, a remake of the SNES Mario Paint song-making module. I remember renting it from Blockbuster on more than one occasion while I was an employee there oh so long ago… it came with a mouse pad and crappy mouse, but it was revolutionary at the time. I wasted a lot of hours on the music composer and the flyswatter game. I’ve since found a Wii homebrew remake of the flyswatter game, and this Windows-only Composer remake fills that other nostalgia gap. If only I could get it to work properly under WINE… sigh. Ah well, if I COULD get it to work, that would probably blow my productivity for the day.


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    I have no idea either. Unless you meant to comment on the drunken monkeys thread?

    Oh, wait, yeah, he did Never Gonna Give You Up in a parody of Back to the Future on Family Guy. Right.

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