RCimT: About the Public Option

The Republicans and teabaggers are so entrenched in their position against any sort of health care reform that they’re just completely losing their shit over everything and anything they can. Your compatriots and fellow Americans are fighting the good fight and working to increase awareness of the reality behind the situation. I can but point you to them.

Stephanie Zvan has a post at Quiche Moraine wherein she explains why the Ultra-Leftist Lefty Left Liberal Moonbats are tearing themselves away from supposed MegaSocialist Barack Lenin Obama. Probably because he’s not delivering any of the change he promised. He may be better than the other guy, Oldy McBomb, that would have dragged the world screaming toward World War 3 (and probably 4), but he’s reaching across the aisle too much, accomodating the 25% that would prefer that the insurance companies go on killing you for profit. Amy Klobuchar doesn’t escape her wrath either.

Bill Moyers, and more importantly, DanJ, are also fed up with this fundamental lack of leadership coming from the White House. And he minces no words:

That’s right, Mr. President, and all the others on Capitol Hill. I’m going to hold each and every one of you personally responsible from the fucking mess that you’re perpetuating. You’re not just continuing it, either: You’re making it worse. You’re entrenching it even deeper as the status quo, and the next time it will be even tougher to dislodge the scum from the health care and health insurance industries.

Meanwhile, Greg Laden posted a few videos, of Obama debunking the pearl-clutching about health insurance reform in a fireside chat, and of a homemade commercial presenting both sides of the issue in a totally impartial and absolutely correct manner.

DuWayne Brayton relates his experience with universal health care — the emergency room. The scope is different but the results are the same. Imagine the system the emergency room uses, only where preventive care is also covered, reducing the traffic the emergency room sees. Imagine also that the people who do have to pay in, don’t have to pay nearly as much, because it takes less money to keep the whole system running. That’s what you get with single payer. And a public option is a pale shadow of that, but at least it’s SOMETHING.

All I can do is rabble-rouse from the sidelines. Get out there and make your voices heard!

RCimT: About the Public Option