Life update

So here’s a quick rundown on what’s been going on in my life.

Work’s got me wound up tighter than a spring, with a huge domain migration scheduled for Sept. 16th and a ton of niggling busy-work to do between now and then; plus I have had to play hero several times in the past few weeks (only once with Cat5 as ninja rope, sorry folks). I distinctly get the feeling that I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. Considering spitting it all back up on my plate and trying again a bite at a time. That’d be kind of gross though.

The car’s been repaired, though how long it’ll last I don’t know. It was making a weird clunk sound when turning in either direction, and as it turns out, the left front spring was busted, and the strut was sticking. The right strut is starting to stick too, however I’m hoping our mechanic friend will be able to look at it and do something to keep it from escalating to the point where that spring pops too. We had the strut assembly replaced with a used kit, which is not warrantied but will hopefully last a while, at least long enough for us to save up a bit to fix it all properly. We definitely couldn’t afford the $1100 it would have been to replace both outright with new kits.

I’ve got too many ideas for too many blog posts, and precious little time to write them all. One of the things I want to talk about includes an actual accounting for what science figures about the Big Bang, and my understanding of it all (limited though this understanding might be), and why questions like “what came before it” or “what caused it” are not only difficult and deep but actually pretty nonsensical. They are like asking “what’s north of the north pole”, because any direction you go is either up, or south. Neither of those are north. Anyway, more on that in the actual post. I also want to take on the arguments in this link, which are much more sophisticated sorts of hand-waving and logical fallacies than the usual tripe you get from certain creationists (our pet troll included — maybe another “worst of” post in the offing, though I don’t know that I should keep feeding him), so I’m sure it’ll provide me with a good deal of material to work with in the never-ending quest to stamp out ignorance and promote reason. Speaking of which, there’s also a bunch of courses being offered at our local community college to do with aromatherapy, chakras, and gem healing, so there’s probably a blog post in that as well.

A piece of good news — Abby’s in town again, hooray! Tea scheduled for this Monday, where I’ll get to introduce her to my sister and Opal, and also to show off the home improvements we’ve made since last she visited. It’ll also be nice to catch up and see how this semester has treated her. She always seems so bothered to have to fail students, but having been through university myself, I am absolutely certain that sometimes it’s not the teacher, it really is the student. I guess it’s mostly the borderline cases that bother her, and I can understand where she’s coming from. Hopefully a nice long vent with some friends will do her some good. My ear is all I can provide in the way of comfort. Well, that and blueberry green tea. Mmm.

Weekend’s looking full up as well, between visits, housecleaning, wedding cake planning, a beach visit if possible, and another damnable hurricane is planning on blowing through this Sunday. If I’m a bit quiet, sorry. I’ll throw together some more linking posts — I do still get a bit of time to skim through my feeds now and then, so I should invest some of it into showing some link love to pretty much everyone I read regularly.

And how’s your life?

Life update
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6 thoughts on “Life update

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    Seriously, I’m well-covered just at the moment. The difference between me and the people screaming that they don’t want change (well, one difference) is that I’ve grown up to the point where I know I’m not invincible.

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    If I had to sum it up, I’d say that life is good. I’m happy. The family is happy. What more is there? Other than paying bills, fixing old cars, stressing over work, maintaining a yard, etc. of course 😀

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    I know exactly the clunking noise you’re talking about. My noise got fixed for $800. The only work I ever had to get done on that sunfire over 260,000 kms, aside from brakes and such, of course.

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