Get organized! Get in the fight!

I can think of no better general to marshall the ground troops than Stephanie Zvan, who put together a great briefing on your health care situation, why you don’t have as much backup as you could, and what you can do about it.

This is actually a tougher fight than the election was. Corporations far and away recognized that four more years of rule by the monster that the Republican Party had become would be as disastrous for them as it would be for all of us. They were pragmatic in their understand that business cannot flourish anywhere the government doesn’t meet at least its minimal obligations in law and the maintenance of infrastructure, so they supported Obama.

They are not supporting health care reform, which means we need to do more. Their disproportionate influence isn’t all arrayed against us, but neither is it on our side. We’re much more alone this time.

She draws up a brilliant battle plan for organization and activism, one which you should go read immediately.

And here’s a tale of how the UK NHS saved someone’s life, and he didn’t even get stiffed with a gigantic bill that bankrupted him and made him wish he had died! And here’s more information about Canadian health care, and more information about Stephen Hawking, who was unceremoniously dragged into the debate by people who had no idea that he was kept alive only by dint of living in the UK when he was diagnosed — you know, well prior to becoming rich and famous.

Get in the fight, people, your lives are the ones at stake here, and I will not stand for my new e-friends being the ones that are sacrificed on the blood altar of higher profits for the insurance bureaucrats.

Get organized! Get in the fight!

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