Long eventful weekend

Jen and Opal are here, and I’m still embroiled in fixing their two laptops. One is reformatted and pretty well ready to go, just copying over some of their old data now; and the other needs drivers and security software. Afterward, it looks like I have queued up an evening of trying out Bully for the Wii (which looks, by all accounts, like Grand Theft Auto for 15-year-olds).

Just keeping y’all in the loop. Hopefully back to regular blogging very shortly.

In the meantime, check out these great crocheted Mythbusters.

Long eventful weekend
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2 thoughts on “Long eventful weekend

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    Never did play Bully. We dug out a copy of Diablo II earlier. The really good games are always worth another play, even years later.

  2. 2

    Diablo II is awesome. Got Jodi playing it for a little bit, though I think she got a bit bored of it since I insisted on returning to town repeatedly to sell crap, grinding for money. Money’s plentiful if you pick everything up and sell it all, but I can see how she might have gotten irritated.

    Going to bed now — didn’t even end up trying Bully. Oh well.

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