i can haz site bak now plz?

Hostpapa has been having some problems over the past several days due to power outages at their data centre stemming from lightning storms in the area. The site was apparently up last night (as evidenced by the seven new messages in my e-mail, five of which going into the moderation queue from Zdenny), but this morning, as I went to respond to sinned34 in the Linux WoW post, it all fell over again. I’m not pleased, to say the least.

I am, however, more than pleased that multiple folks inquired as to what was going on. I apologize for the inconvenience this has posed to those of you that had ongoing conversations or my site in your blogrolls causing slowdown in your own page loads. I suppose this is what I get for only springing for pretty well the cheapest hosting package ever.

Now, to post the stuff I wrote earlier today in Gedit. Yes, yes, I know, I’m addicted as hell. If there is further spottiness, have patience, my minions.

i can haz site bak now plz?

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