“This is just a game!!!”

This looks incredible. I must see it.

Also, it’s about time I add more categories for Geekery and Movies.

“This is just a game!!!”

5 thoughts on ““This is just a game!!!”

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    Oh man. That means that by posting here, you’ve put me three degrees away from Jeff Bridges. Too awesome. I’m geeking out just a bit here.

    Hey, high-five your husband when you get the chance. Those sets in that clip are stunning.

    (“Hey honey, high-five!” *clap* “Okay, what was that for?” “Some guy on the internet told me to.” “Oh, I see.”)

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    Only thing official as of right now, is 2010. I’d guess by summer, though I don’t know how far along it is in production. Maybe Cath might know more (nudge nudge)?

    Ah hell… I just realized I missed out on a great pun for my title. “Tron 2: In Like Flynn”.

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