Fox News: both fair AND balanced! (now with 150% more balance)


Mark Sanford, one-time Republican Party saviour and the Anointed One for the next Republican candidate for the presidency, suddenly finds his star falling after thoroughly failing at having a clandestine affair with some woman in South America.

Then Fox News “accidentally” labels him a Democrat. WOOPSIE! It was just an accident, folks, nothing to see here!

This is nothing at all like the time they labeled Former Rep. Mark Foley (R), the one who loved him some young male pages, as a Dem.


… Thrice in the same show, in fact:


Or FORMER Republican Congressman Pat Toomey, while acting like an asshat and damaging the Republican brand:


Or the time they didn’t like which party was leading in the polls, so they swapped the party identifiers:


Or that one really embarassing old guy that was losing badly in the election:


Or that time they intentionally confused Michael Brown, Democractic Strategist and frequent contributor to Fox News, with Michael D. “heckuva job Brownie” Brown, head of FEMA under Bush during the Hurricane Katrina debacle:


In fairness, I can see how they’d confuse him with the other Michael Brown:


Wait, not “can”. CAN’T.

Or those times that they do it verbally so you can’t screenshot it.

Look. Just move along, there’s nothing to see here, it was a total accident and the guy that did it was probably given a raise praised on his performance review given a pat on the back fired. Probably.

Fox News: both fair AND balanced! (now with 150% more balance)
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