… And now I have one!

One of my big life “regrets” (by which I mean, something I failed at, whether it’s necessary to succeed or not), is never having completed a degree in anything.

Oh, sure, I took five years of a Bachelor of Arts (English, minor Sociology) at Acadia, but I apparently never fulfilled their six hours in a non-English language, having taken three hours in French and three hours in German, so I never graduated. And I’ve let that linger for years and years now. Being as heavily involved in IT as I am, having taken a tech support call centre job right out of university, then moving to Toronto to get on with a website-hosting company, then taking on an IT job back in Nova Scotia, an English degree (e.g, the degree itself, rather than the education I’ve obtained) is not high on my priority list. It would confer no additional benefits to my line of work.

So, when I found out that Dr. Brian Dunning, whose PhD is in Bland Living, is offering accreditation in a huge number of fields online through his Thunderwood College, I jumped at the opportunity. Check it out: I’m now officially a Master of Sciences in Technology Management!

… And now I have one!

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    Wow! I just got my Bachelor’s in New Media from the School of Information and Computer Sciences at Thunderwood. How is it I never saw you around campus?

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