Put the lime in the tequilla and drink it all up

We’re having Mark and Sara over for barbecue and Stephanie Zvan’s Perfect Margaritas. We’re cheating by using bottled lime juice, but it’s 100% pure lime juice not some crazy chemical extract. Hopefully it won’t lose too much from it. I fully intend to update this post as the day goes on and our liquor stock drains. Fingers crossed!

Update: It was drizzly and gross out, so we turned our planned cooking into oven-food. The margaritas were unquestionably great, though we still have half a pitcher, and I’m pretty headachey now. Power went out briefly while showing Shawn of the Dead, which in turn led to drinking another margarita poured over lots of ice instead of blended. This turned the margaritas from deceptively tasty to definitely harsh enough booze to make your eyes cross involuntarily after a sip. Word of warning. We had no orange juice on hand, though there was some orange-strawberry-banana juice, and I didn’t feel brave enough to mix our already mixed fare.

I just got up from a nap, taken to keep my headache from turning into a migraine as it was threatening to make me part with all that tasty food we’d had today. Thankfully I was not forced to do so, though I suspect I’m not going to be able to eat anything til sometime tomorrow afternoon. Depending on how we feel tomorrow, I may get a bit more experimental with the remainder of that pitcher.

Put the lime in the tequilla and drink it all up

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