Go big or go home!

Idiots go for the big insults right off the bat, comparing people to fascists or communists before even getting their arguments out of the starting gate. DuWayne Brayton takes it upon himself to provide some examples of his newest addendum to Godwin’s Law, which I’ve dubbed Brayton’s Corollary, and so you should all use it from now on. If you don’t, I’ll hunt you down and… I dunno, kill all your protesters and squelch your freedom of speech? I am after all Jason Chavez.

For those of you not in the know, Godwin’s Law is that as controversial Usenet posts grow in length (nowadays comment threads on blogs or forums apply equally), the likelihood of a comparison to Hitler or Nazis by opposing parties approaches 1. It’s well known that violating this law basically ends the conversation in forfeit by the transgressor. That’s not to say that the transgressor realizes this fact, though. Brayton’s Corollary postulates that the law need not only cover Hitler — there are dozens of other comparisons that are both unfair and inevitable in conversation with asshats like the anti-vaccination crowd, Creationists, fraudulent nonsense-peddlers like psychics, or (*gasp*) Republicans.

Go big or go home!

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