I happen to LIKE O Fortuna.

Used to listen to my Carmina Burana CD while playing Quake (the first one) back in university. It was a great soundtrack for the game, both epic and foreboding simultaneously. Well, turns out Republicans are misusing it presently to fearmonger about the closing of Gitmo — and it freaking worked. The senate voted 90-6 against providing any funding for the close of Guantanamo Bay in the wake of the ad campaign. Rachel Maddow rightly ridicules this turn of events in the video below.

I happen to LIKE O Fortuna.

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    You associate a song titled “Hail Satan” in Latin, with Darth Cheney?  Heh.  Doesn’t seem like a stretch at all, actually.  I might not believe in Satan, but I surely do believe Dick exists and is responsible for a great and terrible evil in this world.

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