She might have been your evil overlord

I can’t bring myself to go to bed right now, am not feeling all that hot in various respects, so I’m hanging out on the computer until the Sinutab kicks in so at least I can breathe. Go read The Plan at Almost Diamonds, a thoroughly enjoyable short story about a woman and her “long game”. Also, say Happy Stephanie Zvan day to the owner and proprietor.

I just have to say, this story reminds me a lot of my original plans to become an English teacher, and how those got scuttled when I figured out I was pretty good at computers and could build a life out of my abilities. It also dovetails with my growing fascination with science and space, and how people keep telling me that I missed my calling. The best laid plans, and all that. (Do you see what I did there?)

I sense a sick day coming tomorrow. At least the stuff on my agenda could theoretically be done from home.

She might have been your evil overlord

One thought on “She might have been your evil overlord

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    Thankee, sir.

    I’m always amused by “missed your calling” kinds of statements. There are a few people I know who would only really be good at one thing, but they’re in the distinct minority. The rest live rich lives with multiple avocations. Bah on pointless specialization.

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