It was all a big scam after all. Quel surprise.

I’ve blogged previously about VenomFangX (what an insipid name… I cringe every time I type it) and his creationist Youtube masturbations; linking the archives as his channel has since been deleted. I haven’t caught everyone up on the story thus far. There have been further developments, brought to my attention by PZ Myers at Pharyngula.

First up, it appears as though one of his biggest fans, Anthony Powell, was obviously slightly crazy, and decided to kill his girlfriend (or possibly an ex, or possibly an unrequited love, the news was pretty unspecific about it) then commit suicide this past Good Friday, but not before posting several unhinged videos praising VFX’s wankery. This doesn’t reflect directly on VFX, naturally, but it’s interesting that there are demonstrably far more instances of mental imbalance leading directly into magical thinking, and thus creationism.

Shortly thereafter, VFX started a charity donation PayPal account, asking for donors to cover the $500 of his monthly upkeep (car, rent, etc.), so he could keep preaching on the interwebs, and everything above the $500 would go to a sick kids hospital. After changing what the goalposts were mid-stream (instead of $500, he would start giving to the charity only after getting 500 *donors*, somehow counting each donor as $1 no matter how much was donated), folks like dprjones investigated the claims and his faux-charity scheme, forcing him to stop disclosing his plans for donating at all, since the law could come down on you for such graft.

And then the plot thickens. Suddenly, VenomFangX’s YouTube channel and personal website were taken down. His last posted video prior to the takedown suggested that “Muslims” sent his parents death threats, addressing them directly by name. The timing of this, coming very shortly after his charity scambaiting, is surely just a coincidence. The message on his website is beyond hilarious, regardless of whether the death threats existed or not — it conjures images of this pasty mental midget getting dragged out of the room by his ear, then getting spanked when out of sight. The most likely scenario is, of course, that he needed to make a hasty exit, stage left even, after drawing the ire of a number of government agents regarding his charity scheme. Having already insulted Muslims in the streets, he had a convenient scapegoat, given most hyper-Christians’ irrational fear of Muslims in general.

To complicate matters, VenomFangX has apparently resurfaced on Youtube under a new account, creatively named VenomFangX1, posting (for all I know) new videos. If the video is indeed new, then the shutdown is a dodge. If it’s not new, then someone’s faking him, and that new account should be watched because there will be at least SOME hilarity.

It was all a big scam after all. Quel surprise.

5 thoughts on “It was all a big scam after all. Quel surprise.

  1. Jim

    Thanks, first of all, for the links to my blog.  Although some links are broken—you might want to check that.

    Secondly, I’m fairly sure the various “new” YouTube accounts are in fact just mirrors of his original account started by people who were tired of him posting retractions and apologies and then removing them before his usual audience got to see them—plus he would remove videos in which he would make huge mistakes and then later on try to deny it.

    There’s a number of mirroring accounts started by people who he launched illegal copyright take-down notices against too.  For example username VenomFangXMirror and VenomFangArchive

    Great blog!  Peace.

  2. 2

    I’m still digging around to see if that “refutation” of naturalism on VenomFangX1’s channel is a new one, or a rehash/repost.  I’m not terribly fond of people who try to revise history, deleting posts after they’ve been made public, though I’m guilty myself of outright censorship of obvious trolls / spammers (especially JTankers).  It’s a fine line, but when it comes to taking back something you’ve said that has since bit you in the ass, yeah, I call foul. 

    Hat tip, sir.  You run a great site yourself.  Especially sacrelicious is the primer on what every good atheist has in his/her pantry.

  3. Jim

    LOL!  Thought that would go down well.  Thanks again.  I’m subscribed to this thread, so if you find out anymore on VFX please link back to it here, yes?  Do you twitter?

  4. 4

    Indeed, it would appear the only posts on VenomFangX1’s account are pre-existing videos.  I’m not sure if they’re being reposted by a fan or a foe, though.  I’d have to guess it’s just another archive site with a similar name so the godbots have an easy time of finding their hero.

    I twitter — right here .  Though I haven’t tweeted this post yet, I probably should.  It’s pretty epic, watching a train wreck in slow-mo.  Follow me, I’ll follow you.  I tend to reciprocate non-spambots.

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