Great discussion on incentives and open source software

Stephanie Zvan at Almost Diamonds wrote a wonderfully insightful article that cuts through the BS about technical support being better if, and only if, the support comes from a paid drone, as opposed to an unpaid, unclean basement dwelling OSS geek. The topic even spilled over into a flame war at Greg Laden’s house, in which I, sadly, figure rather heavily. Definitely worth a read if you’re of the mind that money is the only incentive that motivates people to action.

Tangentally, a texture mod for Fallout 3 that I installed recently, turns all the valuable Pre-War Books into Atlas Shrugged. When I saw that, I died a little inside.

Great discussion on incentives and open source software

2 thoughts on “Great discussion on incentives and open source software

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    Once again, you did not flame. You added information. Jeff flamed enough for the whole thread (which is actually unlike him), and I threw some back because, for some reason, some people straighten up when I point out that they’re not arguing the issues. Don’t ask me how that works.

    Oh, and thank you.

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    I suppose I did edit my final post significantly before posting it — specifically, to sound more level-headed than what the first draft would have sounded.  Perhaps this is coloring how I think I came off, because it definitely would have been flaming right back.  Oh well.  I take too much satisfaction out of feeding the trolls, it would seem.

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