$270 right down the damned drain!

Day after Boxing Day, we went shopping, bought ourselves an over the range microwave and a lovely coffee table from Home Depot. Before January was over, it had fried itself, the fan having stopped working midway through cooking some potatoes. We got a replacement hassle-free, however they asked for the receipt to send to the manufacturer. I have a scanned copy, but not the original.

Just twenty minutes ago, the replacement burned out, and not while doing any microwaving — when I was opening the door to take out some popcorn, there was a snap and the light and clock turned off. Unplug, replug, nothing. Check the fuse, it’s fine. Try something else in the outlet, it’s fine. Proceed to swear profusely.

The last owners of this two-year-old house had an over the range microwave and tried to sell it to us for $500. Evidently it was still functional when they left, so it’s not that wall socket. And it’s not dirty power. Boy. I can’t wait to have to go deal with it tomorrow night.

$270 right down the damned drain!

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