Epic want!

Such a consumerist I am.  Something bright and shiny comes along, and I can’t help but lust after it.  But really, when it comes to gadgetry, I’m sure I could make an excellent case for why you’d want this particular piece of geek kit too:  it’s called the SheevaPlug, and it’s a 1.2GHz, 512 meg DDR, Linux-based computer with USB 2.0 capabilities and a Gigabit ethernet port, that runs entirely enclosed within a 5-watt power brick.  Also, it costs only $99 USD.  Want a Linux server but don’t want to have to spend on the power consumption or configuration hassles?  Buy one of these suckers and an external USB 2.0 hard drive, and you’ve got yourself an SSH, print, FTP, VPN, website, proxy and/or media server, or whatever else you can think of running on Linux.  It also runs multiple distros of your choice — yes, including Ubuntu.

I don’t care that the author of this review considers the lack of video configuration such a big disadvantage, either.  If all it had was a command line, I’d be happy, being that I routinely prefer the command line for performing very simple or very complex operations in Linux, but then again I’m not exactly the average computer hobbyist.  In fairness, I don’t think anyone who has seriously considered implementing RFC 2324, AND has most of the parts you’d likely need to do it (if you omit most of the mechanisms for delivering ingredients to the appliance, making my potential implementation an admittedly incomplete one), could consider themselves “average” any more.

Epic want!

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    That would never happen where we work… isn’t that right Bob… I’m very excited about the prospect of an HTCPCP, it gets me giddy. As for the SheevaPlug though, all I have to say is Meh; if it was built into a surge protector it would be cooler, eventually everything we plug in will be run on Linux and have wireless capabilities…

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    I’ve thought about getting one of those office warfare type devices, but I don’t think my pocketbook could handle the cold war style escalation that’s bound to come from that action.  And I have no intention of starting a war I can’t win.

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