Prop 8: The Musical

I’m sorry, all, that I don’t really have the energy to vent about the Canadian political situation right now, despite the laundry list of reasons the length of my arm why Harper needs to be tossed out on his ear, and despite how wholly constitutional and legal the attempt to get rid of Mr. 37% of the Vote right this second.  The only thing I can say right now is, look out Canada, here come the attack ads.

I do however have a small thing to say about this:

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I’ve always liked Jack Black, despite a number of really good reasons I really shouldn’t. And I couldn’t have picked a better Jesus if I tried.  Also: naturally, musical + gay rights = more Neil Patrick Harris goodness.  He hits on the best way to get conservative blowhards interested in equal rights.

I have a relative, and estranged friends, who are gay. I hope they understand why I’m being indirect in saying this, since I care about their well-being, and would be afraid, in this world of ours, that something bad might happen to them as a result. That even now, in the midst of an unprecedented worldwide economic collapse after horrible mismanagement of that one country that thinks it’s “exceptional”, there are people out there who aren’t satisfied with worrying about their own coffers and would go out of their way to abridge the rights of a minority group (with intention only, as far as I can see, to make themselves feel better after that whole “causing an economic meltdown” silliness)… well, the whole thing baffles me. I have been thinking lately that I’m not nearly cynical enough. If you care about having your rights intact, then you must care about everyone’s rights — yes, including all those people that your damn holy books may or may not (read Leviticus more carefully, asshats) actually condemn.

To my friends and family: I’m sorry I wasn’t around to protect you or “your people” while you were growing up, and discovering you were expected by society to do something unnatural to you, and all the pain that resulted from learning to deal with that dichotomy. In some cases I was oblivious, or had hints, or in some cases just didn’t know you soon enough in your life to have made any kind of difference. Now that I have a voice out here on the interwebs, though, I got your backs now. Small consolation though that might be.

Afterthought: the fact that I have to put this into Politics is sad, considering basic human rights shouldn’t be something up for political debate.

Prop 8: The Musical