What a relief.

MSNBC has called the election for Barack Obama as the projected winner with 297 to 146 electoral college votes, with 270 to win.  Who knows what the final map will look like?  Maybe 330+ EV for Obama, and if Bush can win with 50-percent-plus-one and call it a mandate, this goddamn landslide will provide a super ultra double secret mandate.  Early reports say that McCain has called Obama to concede, though that’s unsubstantiated.

At least now I can sleep.

Update: McCain just gave his concession speech.  Fuck sleep, this I gotta savour.

What a relief.
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3 thoughts on “What a relief.

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    To tell the truth, I’m not 100% amazed.  I’m glad that it turned out the way it did — with Obama getting a friggin’ landslide — so that they couldn’t steal it.  You can only steal a close election.  And given that it’s three elections in a row where even the most limited involvement of electronic voting machines have had issues, maybe now they’ll smarten up and realize there’s no way e-voting should be relied upon.  I’d love to see sweeping changes to the whole electoral system, now that Obama’s won, to fix all the problems like voter misinformation, super-long lines, erratic early voting hours, etc.

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    I agree, I’m very glad that the election turned out the way it, but still somewhat surprise. Called me a natural skeptic… and we are talking about the Americans…. as seen by your next post.

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