Well, they’ve stopped discriminating against blacks…

…but they’re still discriminating against gays.  Arizona has amended their state constitution so that only man/woman marriages would be recognized as a marriage in the state, effectively banning gay marriage; Arkansas has banned gay couples adopting children; and ballots are still being counted on the California proposition to repeal the law allowing gay marriage but so far the “yes” side is (meaning it WAS legal, but now it’s not, leaving who knows how many gay married couples in the lurch).

In two tiny bits of happy news amongst all that idiocy, at least medical marijuana is approved in Michigan, though that won’t stop the federal drug warriors from cracking down on all those evil 70-year-old glaucoma patients.  And the Colorado initiative to define “persons” for the purposes of legal definitions as being any human life from the moment an egg was fertilized, has failed, thankfully — and let’s get this one straight, that has absolutely nothing to do with fair protection under the law, it’s entirely for the religious folks who want to legislate women’s va-jay-jays.

Well, they’ve stopped discriminating against blacks…

4 thoughts on “Well, they’ve stopped discriminating against blacks…

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    Because it’s not enough for fundies to live their lives by their rules, fundies want other people to live that way too.  As in, they really and truly believe that their way of life is perfect for their neighbor.  And that’s why religion sucks.

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