They prayed… before… a golden… bull.

A GOLDEN BULL! Seriously, no shit!  Pharyngula has more than I can bring myself to say here… it’s ridiculous.  Hey you religious types — praying doesn’t get us out of every problem, especially not monetary problems.  Remember the whole thing about throwing the money lenders out of church?  How about the part where rich men can easier get a camel through the eye of a needle, than get through the gates of heaven?  Or maybe about helping the least of us — you know, socialism?

I can tolerate religious folks, it’s the hypocrites and asshats that don’t know their own mythology that get me.

They prayed… before… a golden… bull.
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    Just because I’m a jerk, I’ll assume you’re blinking because you don’t understand what I’m talking about, and not that you’re blinking out of disbelief of the stupidity of these Christians’ actions.

    Well, remember that whole thing in the Bible about Moses getting all pissed off over his people worshipping a golden calf when he came down from Mt. Sinai?  Remember all that stuff about money being bad and Jesus espousing socialistic tendencies?  Well, it would appear these people were actually praying for an end to the financial crises of today, in front of the golden bull that’s outside Wall Street.

    Artists’ rendition of this event:

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    Just goes to show that I prefer being a jerk when it means I can make up for the lack of exposition in the original post, even if it means I make assumptions about people I should in theory know to be false if I were paying even the slightest bit more attention.

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