And desperation sets in.

So a crazy right-winger decided it would help McCain’s campaign to carve a backward B in her face, then claim she was mugged and assaulted for having a McCain sticker on her car — then admit to having made the whole story up!

I'd almost go as far as "epic fail" given how fake the black eyes look, but I'm still not sure about that part.
I'd almost go as far as "LIAF CIPE", given the unconvincing black eye makeup job accompanying the backward B.

It occurs to me that that B isn’t even “carved”, it’s scratched.  I’ve had deeper scratches from my cat.  If you’re going to make up a story like that, commit to it properly!  Do it convincingly!  Those scratches are nothing, they’ll heal in no time, and they look like they were done with a key, not a knife.  Maybe there’s some leftover purple-heart band-aids from when they smeared Kerry in 2004 that the right-wingers can give her.

Oh, and apparently the McCain communications director fed an “incendiary version” of this story to reporters before all the facts were clear.  Yep, I pegged it in my title — this is desperation.

In the meantime, 30 Obama supporters had their tires slashed, while at campaign rallies Palin and McCain’s cries of “socialist” and “terrorist” have incited people to racism, death threats and other fear-mongering voter suppression tactics, in a NOT-made-up bit of electoral intimidation.  It’d be hilarious if it all wasn’t so damned scary.

And desperation sets in.