I want a Famous Person to endorse ME, doggone it!

Wow, famous people really really like Sarah Palin, by golly!  They managed to get the quote right from Peggy Noonan, ostensibly a famous person by virtue of being a former Reagan speechwriter (and therefore Republican, and therefore wholly unbiased), but one of two things happened here — they made the ad before anyone said it, and sent it around to see who’d be willing to put it in their wholly unbiased review the next day, or they were unwilling to actually look at the byline when they made the ad pulling the quote from Noonan’s review.  Possibility A sounds a hell of a lot more likely, honestly.  Meaning they’re manipulating those press-members that are in the tank for them, and they let it slip.  Wink wink, dontchaknow.

This is just too hilarious to let them live down.  Spread this around!

In the meantime, the Canadian debate was a bit of a let-down.  While everyone was dogpiling on Harper for his horrid policies, his personality being a fully owned subsidiary of the Republican party, etc., it seems as though Harper actually came off as being the level-headed one according to the press, and everyone else just seemed to be, well, dogpiling him.  Layton also came off as a bit of a one-trick pony, harping on big oil and Bush, no matter how absolutely correct he was.  I kept hoping for any of the charges against Harper to resonate with the audience, but if it happened, I didn’t see it.  I ought to put up a poll on who won the Canadian debate, except for the fact that my sample size is, at my last count, a total of 10 readers, and thus not really representative.

Oh well, at least Biden schooled Palin and her inability to answer simple questions without referring to her talking-points cards.  That’s good news anyway.

I want a Famous Person to endorse ME, doggone it!
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18 thoughts on “I want a Famous Person to endorse ME, doggone it!

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    Maybe we should go to a soccer game, and turn to a soccer mom, and after asking her about the economy, ask her who won the debate.  That’s the best indicator for pretty well everything.

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    I was reading about that 90 year old who shot herself before being evicted from her home, and at first was (very mildly) saddened. Then I read the rest of it. She was approved for a $45k 30-year mortgage in 2004 and took out a line of credit of about $11k the same day and hadn’t made payments in years. So… HOW THE FUCK DOES AN 86 YEAR OLD GET APPROVED FOR A 30 YEAR MORTGAGE?

  3. 4

    My first guess is the same kind of predatory lending practices that basically want people to default, because that’s going to get passed down as part of her estate.  Whoever’s in her will, will get stuck with it, I’d bet.

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    Here you go.  Like this guy says, she would have been well served with a “senior reverse mortgage” but got taken to the cleaners instead. Addie Polk had been living in the house for thirty-some-odd years, the house was originally paid off in 1982, and she’s since remortgaged it three times.  She was bitten by a predatory lending scheme for sure.  Loan out the money knowing you’ll foreclose on the house and get a house for below what the market would value it at, had the market not totally bottomed out resulting in Freddie Mac going belly up. The only silver lining of the story is that Freddie Mac got so much bad publicity off of this one woman shooting herself, that they decided to not foreclose on her, and if she makes it out of the hospital she’s free to live in her house for as long as she has left.

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    This is why I still like Americans to an extent, cause every once in a while they pull out something like this…

    The Larry Flynt produced porno about Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has found it’s leading lady.  The movie is now in pre-production under the name “Nailin’ Paylin” and has been fast-tracked to arrive before the election in one month.  TMZ says…

    The faux Sarah is Lisa Ann, who “will be nailing the Russians who come knocking on her back-door.” In another scene — a flashback — “young Paylin’s creationist college professor will explain a ‘big bang’ theory even she can’t deny!”
    There’s also a threeway with Hillary and Condoleezza look-alikes. The video is in pre-production.

    It’s surprising that Flynt is going with well known porn stars, because they had this ad on Craigslist (“Looking for a Sarah Palin lookalike for an adult film to be shot in next 10 days.  Major adult studio.  Please send pix, stats etc. ASAP.  Pay: $2000-3000.  No anal required.”) and experts on this sort of thing said ads like that are typically very successful.


  6. 11

    Ah, Larry Flynt.  One of the most civic-minded individuals in America’s history also happens to be one of its biggest pornographers.  Only in America!

    That Teen Moms for Palin link is just a little too close to truth. It’s pretty scary, actually.

  7. 12

    An amazing thought thought just occured to me… Why not combine the porno and the teen moms? Have the teen moms with their groupie T-shirts featured somewhere in the shots for the movie. That says Land of The Free!

  8. 14

    Hahaha, quick, someone contact Flynt post-haste!  This is a golden opportunity that must not be squandered, because a summer blockbuster this big comes (heh) around only once a century and your idea is worth a damn mint!

    The only thing that would up this particular video’s already high awesome quotient would be some reference to preventing Putin from getting in her back door.  (Hey, they said no anal required.)

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    While we’re LOLing about porn, have you seen PG Porn yet?  Too good not to get posted to this blog, but not quite worthy of front page.

    Episode 1:  Aria Giovanni (!!) and… Nathan Fillion (!?) in “Nailing Your Wife”

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    This is great. Opening game in Philadelphia. The Flyers had Sarah Palin drop the ceremonial puck at centre ice.The arena had to raise the music volume to drown out the booing. Awesome.I guess Pennsylvania isn’t a swing state anymore.

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