Our long nightmare is nearly over.

I’m getting an account with HostPapa.  Besides them buying green energy, they also have a great plan for the same price I was paying at Webserve, with the option to host unlimited domains and use unlimited space (within reason, whatever that means), and it appears as though I can actually turn off PHP Safe mode (shock of shocks!).  Also, their technical support exists, which is a big plus (I checked this out before buying, this time).  Sadly, due to all the fees and such, I have absolutely no idea how likely it is that I’m going to get any of my money back from Webserve, and also equally sadly, it’s possible that if something goes wrong with HostPapa I won’t get any money back at all.  However, I am holding out for a miracle in that they won’t suck.

As soon as I get my hosting package’s details I’ll move the site, then I’ve got some scientific, political and current event news to rant about.

Our long nightmare is nearly over.

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